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Cannot find my Hotel/House/Condo/Villa/Airb&b.
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  • 100% Private transfers.
  • Non-stop direct transfers.
  • Airport greeters. English speaker drivers.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Vehicles can hold max 10 people regardless of age.
  • Prices per VEHICLE, not per person.
  • AC vehicles, fully insured and authorized by the Cancun Airport Authorities.
  • Gratuities at your discretion.
  • Airport fees and parking included.
  • Federal taxes not included in the price(16%).

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Tour Questions

How do you deliver my card?

We have 3 options and they depend on when you order the card AND when your planned arrival date is. A) We can mail you the EP card from the United States. Normally we send it 30 days before your arrival if you are ordering several months in advance. B) If you book airport transfers we can give the EP card to the driver who greets you at the airport. C) Drop a card off at the hotel. This is my least favorite option as it may seem like a simple thing but it is amazing how many envelopes the hotels misplace daily. I give you a local number to call if you cannot find the card at the hotel. Please take the number with you!

I see that you work on the honor system. What is that and how do I pay?

Honor system is I do not ask you to prepay for the card. You can, but not needed. All I ask is that if you ordered the card that you forward payment even if you did not use the card. Methods of payment

Is the card good for outside of Cancun like Isla Mujeres or Playa del Carmen?

No. As of today we have no restaurants outside of Cancun. You can however book tours or airport transfers through us and we do not ask you to buy the EP card. We charge a few dollars more and will ask you for a deposit. The deposit can be paid through paypal/credit card or if there is time you can forward a check.

Is an additional card needed for my children?

No.... BUT, if your children eat full meals then I would say Yes. Other than that, no I would not order cards for my kids. The card is not valid on kids' menus.

Do we need to order a card to get tours and airport transfers?

Anyone can now order tours and airport transfers without ordering a card. You do not have to order a card to get the best prices on tours, but you will have to place a deposit on tours, but still you do not have to pay in full in advance.

How many times can I use the card in the same restaurant? In a day? How long is the card good for?

With the card, you get unlimited usage. The card can be used as often as you like in any restaurant. You can use it as many times in a day as you like. So, if you liked a restaurant you could dine there for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the same day. We make the card valid for your entire vacation.

Are you affiliated with the Entertainment coupon book back home?

No. We are not a coupon book. You can reuse our card in the same restaurant. We also offer a service center for you to call with questions about our program or Cancun in general.

Do I get a guide/listing with the EP card or do I print it off the internet?

All of the participating businesses are listed on our website. See the full list. You will need to print the list and bring it to Cancun with you so you know where to use the card.

How do I know this works?

Odds are you found us on a Cancun message board where someone has mentioned our program. You can also see that our card is offered on many Cancun web sites and the owners of those sites would not have our program on their site if people where always mentioning the card was no good.

Who is Brant? Is he a person?

I am Brant and yes I am just a guy living in Cancun. Yes, I am lucky enough to work here and earn enough to stay here.

This card seems too good to be true. Is it?

I get this a lot. Or, ‘You should charge more.’ Since 1999 the EP card has been sold for $15 USD. I believe if you pay me $15 US or $1500 US I should try my best to give you what you paid for. Am I prefect? No. But I try hard never to make the same mistake twice. Everyone who orders the EP card receives an e-mail, after returning home, asking them how their vacation was and how the card worked. This allows me to see the “real” feedback. Good or bad! It shows me what you, the vacationer, is looking for not only in my product but on your holiday in general. It tells me when I have a problem with a restaurant either with the staff, not honoring the program or even if the food quality was poor. Restaurants in Cancun offer 2x1 meals on my program for 2 reasons; a) I limit your choices of restaurants as there are many here and b) ALL restaurants pay commissions to concierges, front desk clerks, taxis, iguanas etc (this is why some hotel staff can not find the cards I leave for you). I go to the restaurants and say instead of paying the taxi guy for bring you people or the concierge for making a reservation why not give that money to the client. The one who is really keeping you in business!

Why don’t you have all the restaurants on your list? More tours?

I really don’t want all the restaurants because then each would only see a few cards a week and then I would have a problem. Waiters would not know the program or they would forget, managers would say the promotion is not working and they would feel they do not have to honor the card. Now, I send lots of people to each restaurant and everyone is happy. Also, how many restaurants does one need on the list for a 7 day vacation? More tours are coming as now I can take deposits or payments in full.

Is the food safe to dine out in Mexico?

Yes. Not only in the restaurants on my card but in most restaurants. If you ever have a doubt, ask to see the kitchen!

I ordered a card and have not received an e-mail confirmation?

You should automatically receive an e-mail when you order a card and/or any tour. With the world today of spam guards, you might not receive emails generated from a website. For this problem we have set up a Yahoo account at Just send us an e-mail there and we will copy and paste what ever you do not receive. Also, AOL users will have a delay in receiving email from us.

Tour Questions

Why are your tours so much less?

I discount my commission. The tour operator I send you with does not discount his service.

Can I find tours even cheaper in Cancun?

Not often unless you take a timeshare presentation or, maybe a company is offering a special on a certain tour. You have the best advantage - book your tours on-line with me (remember in most cases you don't pay until the day you go). If you find a better deal for your money simply call me to cancel the day before the tour. Please don't call 40 hrs after you were to take the tour. PS...I would not make this offer knowing everyone will be calling.

What other advantages do I get booking through you?

I will save you on average about 30% off the retail price of the tours. If you find that I do not save you money, then call me to cancel. We have the most flexible cancellation policy in the world (yes the world). Compare ours with anyone elses policy.


1) I was born in Canada and have lived in Cancun since 1995. 2) I have built my business over the internet and if you don´t like what I do, then you can tell others. Odds are someone told you about me. That should say a lot. 3) You can pre-book all the tours online and have everything set before you get here. 4) I trust you! If you do not cancel the Jungle Tour, for example, or do not show up, I have to pay for it. Try finding that system anywhere in the world! I offer all of these advantages and you pay less for the tour.

Do I get picked up at my hotel for these tours?

Depends on the tour. Some yes and some no. This is the same with all the companies here. On the Jungle Tour, for example, you need to take a bus or taxi (easily done as the hotel zone is just one long street... there is no way you can get lost and buses packed with tourists come every 15 seconds).

What is it best to pay in? Can I use credit cards?

It is best to pay in US dollars or travelers checks. Most of the tour operators I deal with will charge a surcharge for using credit cards. There are ATM's all over the place. You can take out pesos if you like. I can not tell you the exchange rate as it changes all the time.

Who do you recommend for the tours you do not sell?

I recommend your local travel rep or the hotel travel agent. I trust them. I am not a fan of getting anything from the timeshare guys on the street.

What do you recommend we do?

I get this a lot but it really depends on you. For me, I would do Chichen-Itza (even though it is a long day on the bus) it is a must-see. If you are adventurous, check out the ATV-Cenote tour. There is lots to see at Xcaret, lots to do at Xel-ha. Tulum is a beautiful set of ruins, especially if you are not interested in a full day of seeing ruins. We pair that with Xel-ha, makes a really great day. Jungle Tour is very popular. Check out the full list of tours we offer.

Will we meet you?

I do not meet people in their hotels. I will not call to your room asking you to buy more tours unless you want me to. In short, I will not bother you on your vacation unless you give me permission or it is unavoidable.

Do you go on these tours?

No. I have to work (remember YOU are on holidays).

Who do I call if I have a problem?

Me. You get my home phone number.

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