The Whale Shark swims slowly at the surface filtering the sea water for plankton, its main source of food. They are harmless to people and usually indifferent to divers. Do not miss this chance to snorkel next to the largest fish species in the world.

This is the only Whaleshark Tour in the area that complies with the official regulations and that is recognized by National Geographic Snorkeler.


Regular Price: $227 USD p/person

SAVE 10% now only  $205 USD Ad / $179 Ch

  • Continental breakfast
  • Shark Swim (equipment included)
  • Snorkel tour to Isla Che Reef (equipment included)
  • Refreshments (water, beer, soda)
  • Light lunch of sandwiches & fresh shrimp cocktail
  • Transportation is INCLUDED at no extra cost from Cancun to Playa Paraiso.
  • You will see Whale Sharks!! OR you will receive a 50% refund, just remember, it is nature!
  • It is also very common to also see sting rays, angel rays and sea turtles.
Does not include:
  • Any extra stop or activity not purchased in this package
  • Gratuities
  • $12.00 USD Sea Life Conservation / Dock Fee is not included;  must be paid at boarding.
  • Transportation is NOT included from Riviera Maya.
  • Bring biodegradable insect repellent and sunblockYou can only use biodegradable products on the reef and in cenotes.
  • Bring swimsuit, towel, hat, sunglasses, camera.
  • Make sure to bring a change of clothes as the driver will not let you in the vehicle if you are wet
  • Bring cash 
Additional Information:
  • Tour Time: 7:30am - 2pm daily from Puerto Juarez dock 
  • The tour only takes 10 swimmers out each tour, while most companies take 20 or more. This means more time in the water with the Whale Sharks.
  • It is 45-50 minute boat ride to where the Whale Sharks are located.
  • If you want to go on the boat, but not snorkel, it is the same price per person.
  • If you don't swim well, the guide can snorkel with you and hold your hand
  • Suggested minimum age: 5 years old
  • Not for pregnant women
  • Each pair of snorkelers gets to go out with the Whale Sharks for 5-10 minutes at a time, until everyone gets a turn. Each person will have 3-4 turns
  • SEASON: May 15 - 15 September
  • Snorkeling is not for everyone. You should not snorkel if you have any of the following: Heart condition, pacemaker, asthma, poor circulation or high blood pressure. You CAN snorkel, but at your own risk.
  • Transportation is INCLUDED at no extra cost from Cancun to Playa Paraiso. If you are staying in the Riviera Maya there is a fee for round-trip transportation.
    • Playa del Carmen to Akumal $10 USD Ad & $11 USD Ch.
    • Puerto Aventura to Bahía Principe $24 USD Ad & $20 USD Ch.
    • Bahia Principe to Tulum $49 USD Ad & $45 USD Ch, minimum of 2 people. For 1 person the transportation cost is $90 USD. Pick up only at San Francisco Market in Downtown at 5 AM


Whale Shark Snorkel

Per Adult Rate Per Child Rate
$ 176.72 $ 154.31


  • All prices are in US Dollars
  • Groups of 6 or more subject to larger deposits
  • You do not need an EP card to get the BEST prices in Cancun.
  • Some tours/transfers require deposit or payment in full at time of booking.
  • If the tour departs as scheduled it is a completed tour. If you are not on the tour on time you will be considered a no-show and therefore we will be charged. In that case, you will forfeit any deposit made.
  • Do not assume a tour is cancelled by rain. Only the tour operator determines if a tour is cancelled due to weather. Not even I can make that call.
  • This tour must be cancelled by 2:00 PM on the day BEFORE the tour in order to receive a full refund of any deposit you may have made.
  • Cancellations can be made by e-mail 48 hrs before your tour departs. Less than 48 hrs you are required to call our office.
  • You personally must speak with our staff. Do not have the hotel travel agent or concierge call. We all speak English.
  • We will provide you with a cancellation number. Please write it down and guard it until you have received your refund.
  • In most cases a refund will be issued within 48 hrs.
  • After 2:00 PM on the day before your tour we still may be able to cancel/refund you, but you are taking a risk. If the tour is full and the operator cannot fill your space, you will lose your deposit. So, call us whenever you can.
  • Our phone number in Cancun is 914-0290. It is also on the back of your EP Card and all tour e-vouchers you received. If you have any trouble dialing this number, ask the concierge or front desk staff to assist you. We are here from 7:00 AM until 8:00 PM daily and have an answering machine for the off hours.
  • If your tour is cancelled by the tour operator for any reason including weather, you will receive a full refund or be able to reschedule with no penalty.
  • You can change the date of any tour without penalty IF you call before 2:00 PM on the day before the tour.
  • We have the most flexible cancellation policy in Cancun and we will only keep your deposit IF we are charged by the tour operator.
  • IMPORTANT : We have the right to cancel or exchange any portion of this tour due to weather, availability, road construction or any other reason without notice. We always try to provide the exact service above however, there are times it is out of our control. We will offer other "parks/activities" near the area if something is closed. If you decide not take any other option or if none is available we will charge you the web site price for the services that you were able to do. Example; if you have Tulum and a snorkeling trip planned, you cannot snorkel; we will charge you as if you only went to Tulum. The most expensive part of this trip is the van, gas and driver for the day.
Whale Shark Snorkel
Available: Daily
Adults from $176.72 + tax
Kids from $154.31 + tax

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